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Make your city greener, cleaner and smarter with The Bin Thing

No more overflowing waste bins with our smart IoT solution
Made in Belgium

The entire Bin Thing concept was conceived and developed in Belgium.

We think it is important to work with local companies. Our electronics are also produced by a Belgian company

Less waste collection

Better insight of the filling level of all waste baskets, avoids inefficient pickups.

Better for the climate

Avoid useless pickups and thus reduce CO2 emissions.


Each device has a battery that lasts 5 years and is easy to replace.

No risk

The Bin Thing is small, inexpensive and easy to install. All devices are available through a monthly subscription. This way you avoid a large initial investment.

Who are we
How it works

How does it work



The Bin Thing is easy to install in any waste basket. The laser beam with which the level is measured is aimed easily at the center of the waste basket. In this way, this smart IoT sensor can even be mounted on a curved wall.


Mobile access

Collectors can autonomously select and collect waste baskets via an app or can follow an assigned route. The app automatically shows all full waste baskets relative to your location.

The app allows a collector to report incidents via photos and text.

Small form factor

The Bin Thing is very small (Ø50x67mm) and is easy to assemble. The battery is easy to replace via a screw cap.



Each sensor sends a measurement every half hour. You can follow all measurements via the portal site and you can plan routes for the collectors. The portal site itself proposes the shortest route along all full waste baskets.



Request demo

Interested in the Bin Thing? Leave your contact details here and we will contact you ASAP for a demo.

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Phone: +32 485 86 85 93

Molenveld 61,

B-3650 Dilsen-Stokkem

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